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Hello Jim,
Just a quick note to thank you for your seemingly magical abilities in the wonderful world of Internet searching.

Recently I started getting business calls from potential clients that seemed to come totally out of the blue.

I was pleased, to say the least, but I became curious as to how all of a sudden I became so popular. At first I thought my name had been passed on and that had generated the calls. After the 3rd call, I asked the person where they got my number from. They said it was easy, they Googled the business I work for and my name and contact information came up.

I am impressed, to say the least. You said you could do this for me but what a surprise when the phone actually started ringing.

You REALLY know how to make the Internet work for people. I'll be thanking you call after call from here on out.

I don't know how you do it but I'm sure there aren't many people out there with your talents.

Les Tweed, Time Warner Cable Business Class, South Carolina Division

Within the alliance of technology and business partnerships we have cultivated, there are companies of all sizes. When it comes to helping your business, we offer powerful resources and a recipe for success. Listed below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our clients.

  • Custom web design
  • Custom artwork design
  • Integrated online eCommerce
  • Network marketing applications
  • Print media and document creation
  • Database management
  • Marketing research and consulting
  • Website and eMail hosting
  • Domain name management
  • Website maintenance
  • Search Engine submission and reporting
  • Website statistical research and reporting